Safety Cases for Software-Intensive Systems

  • Mike Ainsworth
  • Katherine Eastaughffe
  • Alan Simpson
Conference paper


In most industries, best practice for software and systems that use software is to provide a detailed written argument for product safety, that is, a Safety Case.

The implementation of system functions by software represents some unique risks to safety. Flexible programming languages and powerful microprocessors provide an inexpensive and flexible means for introducing complexity, and in safety-related projects this can significantly increase the time, resources and cost involved in producing a Safety Case for the system.

This paper introduces an approach to Safety Cases which has been successfully applied on a number of projects by Praxis Critical Systems. We believe it provides strong, clear Safety Cases for software-intensive systems and at the same time brings significant cost benefits to developing them.


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  • Katherine Eastaughffe
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  • Alan Simpson
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  1. 1.Praxis Critical Systems LimitedBathUK

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