The Impact of External Fixation of Femoral Fractures on Mortality and Morbidity in Polytrauma Patients

  • E. Brug
  • S. Winckler
  • M. Püllen
  • W. Klein


In the late 1970s it was generally accepted that the patient with multiple injuries was too ill to undergo surgical stabilization of a long bone fracture in the period prior to admission to the Intensive Care Unit. Priority in the resuscitation phase was given almost exclusively to ensuring that respiratory and cardiovascular function was restored and maintained, by intubation and fluid replacement. An exception to this rule was the emergency treatment of uncontrollable massive bleeding from large vessels in the extremities, which if ignored, would render useless any concomitant treatment for shock.


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  • S. Winckler
  • M. Püllen
  • W. Klein

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