The Biology of Fracture Repair and the Role of Dynamization

  • J. Kenwright
  • J. B. Richardson


External skeletal fixation is used widely and the indications for selecting this method of treatment are nearly always clear. There is, however, controversy regarding its place in the treatment of diaphyseal fractures, particularly in the leg. There is concern that healing may be inhibited, and that this may be associated with the treatment method itself; there is, however, no evidence in the literature that healing is delayed in groups of fractures where external fixation has been employed. When used by advocates of the method, very high rates of rapid fracture healing are recorded; both De Bastiani and his co-workers1 and Checketts2 have shown very low non-union rates when large groups of tibial diaphyseal fractures have been treated by external skeletal fixation. How can such high success rates be achieved?


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