Rare Histiotypes

  • E. M. Grossmann
  • R. A. Audisio
  • J. G. Geraghty
  • W. E. Longo


Although the overwhelming majority of malignancies of the rectum are adenocarcinomas, a number of rare histiotypes will undoubtedly be encountered in clinical practice. Owing to their infrequent occurrence, one must be familiar with the tumor biology, natural history and treatment options for such lesions. These disease entities often present difficulties with diagnosis, staging, management, pathology and follow-up. In this chapter we will discuss the rare histiotypes most commonly encountered, including carcinoid tumors, rectal lymphoma, anorectal melanoma, neuroendocrine (NE) carcinoma of the rectum, vascular lesions, squamous cell carcinoma of the rectum and its variants, and, finally, rectal sarcoma. Although the ultimate management of such lesions may still be controversial in different physician’s eyes, often due to lack of experience with these tumors, we hope to provide an evidence-based approach to support decisions regarding appropriate therapy.


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