Multiplicative Approximation

  • Goro Obinata
  • Brian D. O. Anderson
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In this section, we will describe what the multiplicative approximation problem is, and motivate it. In later sections we shall indicate how the problem is solved. We shall find that there is a remarkable correspondence with the earlier results on additive error approximation. There are actually two related ways of measuring the error in the multiplicative approximation problem, known as relative error and multiplicative error, and we shall consider both possibilities; the reduced order models we derive turn out to be the same.


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  • Goro Obinata
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  • Brian D. O. Anderson
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  1. 1.Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Resource ScienceAkita University, 1-1 Tegatagakuen UniversityAkita CityJapan
  2. 2.Research School of Information Sciences and EngineeringAustralian National UniversityCanberraAustralia

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