Procedural Security

  • John M. D. Hunter
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Procedural security measures are those which do not come conveniently under any of the preceding headings. The most important security measure of all is that there should be someone from the organisation appointed to take responsibility for information security (the System Security Officer — SSO). The next most important security measure is for the SSO to draw up a security policy and to submit it to senior management for approval. The subject of security policies is discussed in greater detail in Appendix D.


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    The approximate capacity of a reasonably full manila file is about 1,000,000 characters (1 MByte), which is roughly the capacity of a floppy disc. (This book is about 0.5 MByte.) A standard 1/2 inch magnetic tape can hold about 40-80 MBytes, a 1/4 inch cartridge tape about 60-150 MBytes, a digital audio tape (DAT) 2-5 GBytes, an Exabyte tape 5-10 GBytes and Winchester (hard) discs range in size from 50 MBytes to 9 GBytes.Google Scholar
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    A standard HD floppy disc has a single mylar plate with two recording surfaces. Each surface holds 80 tracks each with 18 data blocks.Google Scholar
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    See Chapter 10Google Scholar

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