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  • Bruce Batchelor
  • Frederick Waltz


Writing code to implement just one of the simpler image-processing operators, such as negate(neg/0), threshold (thr/2), etc., presents no difficulties whatsoever, even to a novice programmer. However there is a large difference between writing code to implement a single isolated function and constructing a reliable software package that has a comprehensive command repertoire and a well-engineered user interface. In this chapter, we will explore some of the general issues that a programmer should bear in mind when implementing an interactive vision system for use in Machine Vision. We will not discuss the software implementation of specific imageprocessing functions at great length, since several excellent books containing C and Java programs for image processing, already exist [WHEOO]. We will review the overall structure of several IVS packages, including:
  1. a)

    VSP, a minimal but expandable system akin to PIP

  2. b)

    PIP, hosted on a member of the Macintoch family of computers

  3. c)

    WIP, running under Microsoft Windows

  4. d)

    CIP, written in Java

  5. e)

    JVision, a visual programming environment.1



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