The Mechanical Properties of Musa Textilis Petiole

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From a structural point of view, banana leaf is an outstanding design of biological system. This work used a procedure based on finite element analysis and inverse problem method to estimate elastic modui of different parts of banana petiole from compression test data. Two phase compression tests on petiole section specimens were performed to get the force-displacement data of petiole for inverse finite element analyses. The inverse analysis method was performed by using a MATLAB procedure to execute ABAQUS to obtain finite element results and read desirable data from finite element results for optimization procedure. The values of elastic moduli of skin and core of petiole estimated by current method are 28 MPa and 0.9 MPa respectively for the particular petiole section under test.


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringSouthern Taiwan UniversityYuang-Kang CityR.O.C

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