Noise Field in Shallow Water

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One of the most important problems in ocean acoustics is the study (measurement, forecasting) of noise, that is, of the sound fields formed by various wideband, distributed sources. These sources include wind-generated waves (surface disturbance noises), various human constructions which generate industrial and mechanical noises (ships, drilling platforms, etc.), marine organisms (biological noises), earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions (seismic noises), meteorological noises (rain, thunder), noises from under the ice, etc. The effects of these sources, and the characteristics of the noise field they generate, depend on many factors including weather, geographical position, time of day, and season, and are manifested in various frequency bands. A good example of course is that mechanical noises have a marked maximum at the “electrical” frequencies (50 and 60 Hz) of the alternating current mains.


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