Modeling Evacuation in Selected Types of Buildings and an Analysis of the Achieved Results

  • M. Lopušniak
Conference paper


Requirements for ever larger, architecturally complex, structurally challenging and economically efficient buildings, but with a constantly growing number of users for buildings creates a situation that in the event of an emergency scenarios (fire) can cause significant complications for rescuing people. Ensuring the safe evacuation of persons from buildings is a fundamental requirement in the design of fire safety works. Current standardization requirements are difficult to enforce in the design of existing multifunctional buildings. The paper presents the results of people-evacuation modeling in two buildings in Slovakia, which were only recently completed. The paper presents a comparison of calculation results with standardization values. Part of the contribution is also a discussion of the results and their interpretation. The conclusion allows us to use the results of the evacuation modeling after changing the actual requirements.


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  1. 1.TU Kosice, faculty of civil engineeringKosiceSlovakia

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