Mechanisms and Kinetics of Organic Matrix Thermal Oxidation



It is now well recognized that during thermal aging at moderate temperatures, for example, typically below the glass transition temperature, organic matrix composites perish mainly by matrix embrittlement resulting from its thermo-oxidation. The present chapter aims to briefly introduce this domain. The chapter consists of a brief history of polymer oxidation and description of mechanisms and kinetics. The radical character of oxidation processes; the main elementary steps: propagation, termination, initiation processes, and initial steps; structure–property relationships; the nature of oxidation products; and experimental methods for the study of oxidation mechanisms are also discussed. The standard kinetic scheme, case of oxygen excess and general shape of oxidation kinetic curves, the induction period, departure from Arrhenius law, and case of oxygen lack are described. Consequences of oxidation on matrix thermomechanical properties including chain scission and cross-linking physical approaches are presented.


Molar Mass Induction Period Chain Scission Chlorine Dioxide Hydroperoxide Decomposition 
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