Biochemistry and physiology of yeast growth

  • J. Colin Slaughter


Yeast is a eukaryotic, single-celled organism that, at the biochemical level, is very similar to all other eukaryotic cells. Indeed, much yeast research of recent times has used the organism as a model for more complex eukaryotes because of its ease of culture, the high level of genetic understanding, including the complete genome structure (Goffeau et al., 1996), and the ease of manipulation rather than an intrinsic interest in the industrial fermentation properties of the organism. We thus have a very considerable amount of laboratory-derived information on the biochemistry and molecular biology of yeast, and the aim of this chapter is to discuss aspects that are important in the production of beer rather than attempting an overall survey of the topic. The background material is widely available in general textbooks (Stryer; 1995; Lodish et al., 1995; Zubay, 1998), in books that address yeasts in a more specific manner (Strathern, Jones and Broach, 1982; Walker, 1998; Dickinson and Schweizer, 1999) and at a number of web sites for example, the Saccharomyces Genome Database at or the many facilities for Saccharomyces genomics and proteomics available at http://


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