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Specific Effects on African Game

  • C. A. Spinage


In 1896, Nocard and Leclainche wrote without any foundation: “In Africa, the pest [rinderpest] has been carried from north to south of the continent by the wild animals, notably gazelles.” In truth, despite large populations of susceptible species, game was never widely entertained as being an important factor in the spread and maintenance of rinderpest in southern Africa, although in Uganda and in Tanganyika, it was considered to play an important role in rinderpest epizootiology. In April 1940, a conference was held at Blantyre, Northern Rhodesia, to discuss the relation of game to rinderpest. It was considered impossible to establish a game free area on the Tanganyika border, but it was recommended that a team of research workers be established to study the epizootiological and biological aspects. Smith (1941) stated that in the mean time, the periodic movement of game into and out of danger areas should be studied.


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    Release of adrenalin causes contraction of the intercellular spaces through which the large antibody proteins otherwise pass.Google Scholar

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