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The second part on the 20th century was marked by intensive development of neurobiological sciences, and especially of brain biochemistry. The neurochemical multistep regulatory mechanisms of endocrine gland function by hypothalamus were discovered; the mechanisms of synthesis and chemical structure of liberins, adenohypophysial hormones, were elucidated, as well as the molecular-genetic mechanisms of different neuroendocrine diseases. Nevertheless, one of the most striking mysteries of the brain and heart remained undiscovered: the existence of a large series of hypothalamus and heart neurosecretory neurohormones, multiple mechanisms of neurohumoral integration of neurosecretory hypothalamus with neurosecretory ganglionic cells of atria, also the role of neurosecretory cytokines and other signal molecules ofthe brain neuroendocrine immune system.


Neurosecretory Hypothalamus Neuroendocrine Immune System Endocrine Gland Function Brain Tissue Transplantation Neurosecretory Cytokine 
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