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Macrophages for Immunotherapy

Activated Macrophages plus anti-tumour antibodies in adoptive immunotherapy


Macrophage efficiently kill and phagocyte tumour cells in vitro. To harness the potential therapeutic value of these cells, we have developed a single use Cell Processor able to generate large number of clinical grade Monocyte-derived Activated Killer cells (MAK®). These macrophages were armed with a bispecific antibody (MDX-H210, Medarex Inc., Keler, 1997), recognizing CD64/FcγRl (on the MAK cell) and the oncoprotein HER-2/neu on tumour cell and present several anti-tumoural effector functions.


Ovarian Cancer Patient Bispecific Antibody Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Patient Conjugate Formation Cell Processor 
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