Unilateral Dynamical Systems

  • D. Goeleven
  • D. Motreanu
Part of the Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications book series (NOIA, volume 70)


The minimax methods developed in Chapter 4 are here used to study the existence and multiplicity of periodic solutions and homoclinic trajectories for nonsmooth Hamiltonian systems corresponding to oscillator models of the types considered in Section 2.11.10. In writing this Chapter we have primarily followed the works of Adly and Goeleven [2], [3], Adly, Goeleven and Motreanu [6] and Goeleven, Motreanu and Panagiotopoulos [85]. The Chapter is also based on some material and techniques from critical point theory developed in the works of Ambrosetti and Bertotti [10], Browder [32]–[33], Mawhin and Willem [121], Rabinowitz [161], Yanheng and Girardi [185], Zelati and Rabinowitz [188].


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