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The author of this book would rather be approximately right than precisely wrong. He prefers to put a red hat on the old dictionary and make a tempest at the bottom of the inkstand, leap out of the ring and break the compass. And most of all - point the finger at the wrongdoers and call them by their name. Having worked for more than 33 years in the business environment, he knows all the tricks of the trade. When those tricks became unethical, he decided to write a thesis and books on business ethics and to be active in this field. However, he soon found out that more activism is needed in order to make an impact in the near future. The dignified, laid-back approach of some business ethicists is not sufficient to change the deteriorating situation, possibly because those ethicists are often academic professors who have not worked in the actual business world and have learned of unethical conduct as a result of research and not of personal experience.


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