BaTiO3 Structure Prognosis

  • Vojislav V. Mitić
  • Ivona Z. Mitrović


The level of microstructure in BaTiO3-ceramics structural hierarchy can be considered to a certain extent in the scope of adequate and logically consistent apparatus. Such apparatus for the microstructure is the theory of grain boundaries. Research of processes acting on boundaries and on contacts between two or more grains of sintered BaTiO3-ceramic material is possible from the viewpoint of sintering theory, by studying the main kinetic mechanisms acting on grain boundaries, and during the neck is being formed, or from the viewpoint of mathematical modelling and simulation methods establishing so called model-experiment with different shapes and sizes of grains in corresponding structure of BaTiO3-ceramics constituents. In this paper those two approaches are united. Thus, a new structural model of BaTiO3-ceramics is developed for given geometry of grains’ model system, on the basis of SEM micrographs, using the basic sintering kinetic mechanisms. Connection of model and proper mathematical relations leads towards further prognosis upon structural and electronic properties of the sintered BaTiO3 material.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Vojislav V. Mitić
    • 1
  • Ivona Z. Mitrović
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Electronic EngineeringUniversity of NišNišYugoslavia

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