Hybrid Structures

  • Yannis Manolopoulos
  • Alexandros Nanopoulos
  • Eleni Tousidou
Part of the Advances in Database Systems book series (ADBS, volume 27)


Object-oriented and multimedia databases that are entangled with the manipulation of multi-valued attributes and complex objects in general, tend to raise problems that involve particular properties and needs, such as the constrained domain of set-valued attributes in contrast to the nonconstrained one of text-databases, and the superset, perfect match and subset queries that are frequently asked. The focus of this chapter is on the advantages that could arise from the creation of a hybrid structure handling set-valued attributes in the form of signatures, based on the structures of hashing and the S-tree.


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  • Yannis Manolopoulos
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  • Alexandros Nanopoulos
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  • Eleni Tousidou
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