A New Form of Acoustical Imaging, the Soliton Imaging

  • Woon S. Gan
  • Cheong K. Gan
Part of the Acoustical Imaging book series (ACIM, volume 23)


In this paper, a new form of acoustical imaging, the soliton imaging is proposed. This type of image formation is based on using the solitary wave or soliton as the incident sound beam. The reason for using them is due to their several interesting properties: (1) they can propagate to an infinite distance without changing their shapes, i.e. having an infinite depth of field. This will improve greatly on the image resolution, (2) the solitons have almost limitless capacity in information transmission and processing over infinite distances, (3) the solitons are stable over long propagation distances, (4) soliton is localized so that it decays or approaches a constant at infinity, (5) soliton can interact strongly with other solitons without losing its identity. This will enable linear summation methods to be used for nonlinear scattering problems, (6) solitons have non-dispersiveness characteristics.


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