Detection for Underdetermined MIMO Systems

  • Lin BaiEmail author
  • Jinho Choi


In MIMO systems, the channel matrix is called fat, square, or tall matrix if the number of transmit antennas M is greater than, equal to, or smaller than the number of receive antennas N. According to [1], the MIMO channel capacity can be approximated as
$$\begin{array}{rcl}{ C}_{\mathrm{MIMO}} \simeq \min (M,N){C}_{\mathrm{SISO}},& &\end{array}$$
where CSISO denotes the channel capacity of SISO channels. Thus, with regard to capacity, we may prefer a square channel matrix (i.e., M = N), where different detection methods for such MIMO systems have been well- discussed in previous chapters of the book.


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