Soil Sensitivity

  • J. O. Reuss
  • D. W. Johnson
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 59)


The subject of the sensitivity of soils to acid deposition loading has generally been addressed in the context of sensitivity to base depletion by cation leaching. Undoubtedly, this depletion is a major concern and needs to be addressed. However, there are other probable effects, including mobilization of ionic aluminum species, that may be of equal or, in some cases, greater concern in terms of their probable effect on ecosystems. In this chapter, we shall attempt to consider these processes in the context of the principles and the model we have discussed in the previous chapters. The principles are, of course, closely related to the subject of the sensitivity to surface waters, which we discussed in Chap. 7 on aquatic effects. Although it is not our objective to develop a new or revised scheme of sensitivity classification, we hope that the material in this chapter will be useful to those who might undertake such a task in the future.


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