• J. O. Reuss
  • D. W. Johnson
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 59)


One of the most pressing issues currently facing environmental scientists is the need to predict the effect of acid deposition on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. As is typical of issues concerning public policy, a great deal of controversy surrounds the discussion of both the nature and extent of acid disposition effects, as might be expected where decisions of great economic import must be made on the basis of necessarily limited scientific knowledge. Here, the authors attempt to analyze the effect of acid deposition (1) on the soil-plant system and (2) on the composition of the solution that is released to surface waters and groundwaters. In so doing, the linkage between effects on terrestrial and aquatic systems is elucidated. Although it is unrealistic to expect that such clarification will materially lessen the controversy surrounding the issue, perhaps it will help to focus scientific investigation on those processes most likely. to control the effects of acid deposition on soils and waters.


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