Ship to Shore: Inuit, Early Europeans, and Maritime Landscapes in the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence

  • William W. Fitzhugh
  • Anja Herzog
  • Sophia Perdikaris
  • Brenna McLeod
Part of the When the Land Meets the Sea book series (ACUA, volume 2)


Archaeological excavations have been conducted since 2002 at a complex multicomponent European whaling and fishing site at Hare Harbor, Petit Mécatina Island, on the Quebec Lower North Shore in the northeastern Gulf of St. Lawrence. European facilities so far identified include a cookhouse, a blacksmith shop, a wood processing area, and a charcoal storage or production area. The site also includes at least one and possibly two Inuit winter houses that are probably contemporary with the later European occupation. Large ballast piles in the adjacent ship ­anchorage indicate harborage by multiple vessels over a series of years, and underwater levels contain stratified deposits of whale bones and baleen, fish remains, and wood debitage. Petit Mécatina offers a rare archaeological instance combining land and sea deposits and artifacts from multiple European occupations and ethnic groups. The broader social landscape includes evidence of collaboration with and probably employment of Inuit as well as conflict between competing European and Native American groups.


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The collection of the data presented in this chapter has been facilitated by many institutions and individuals. We thank the Smithsonian’s Endowment Program, Robert Bateman Fund, and donations from General and Mrs. Raymond Mason and Anina Glaize. Smithsonian field crews too numerous to name helped acquire the field data. Pitsiulak skipper Perry Colbourne; our Colbourne and Vatcher-Evans life-support systems in Lushes Bight and Harrington Harbor; our ­divers Erik Phaneuf, and Frederic Simard, Marilyu Girard-Rheault, Ben Ford, and Vincent Delmas; Brad Loewen of University of Montreal who provided field support and assistance in historical archaeology; artifact cataloguers Anja Herzog and Frederic Simard; Government of Quebec Conservation Laboratory; Laurie Penland and the Smithsonian Dive Program; and Marcia Bakry, Hanul Kim, and Lauren Marr for illustration assistance. As usual, the authors alone are responsible for results reported here.


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