Rotation, Inducing Gauge Fields, and Exotic States of Matter in Cold Atoms

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Rotating quantum systems leads to dramatic and exotic phenomena. The first rotational phenomena to be experimentally explored in cold atoms was vortices and vortex lattices in a rotating superfluid. Because a superfluid is irrotational, all rotation is contained in topological defects with circulation quantized in units of \(\hbar\). This is a phenomena that occurs in superfluid \(^{4} {\hbox{He}}\) and \(^{3} {\hbox{He}}\), as well as in type-2 superconductors (superconductors only show vortices in a certain limit, corresponding to type-2 superconductors, because the electromagnetic field energy has to be considered in addition to the electron fluid). Images of vortices in cold gas experiments directly showed this spectacular manifestations of superfluidity.


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