Helium and Hydrogen (super?)Solids

  • Kaden Richard Alan Hazzard
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I develop a phenomenology of a particular model of disordered supersolidity. It is related to proposals that superflow occurs along defects—dislocations, grain boundaries, and amorphous regions—but develops a picture of the macroscopic, experimental properties of the system starting from these microscopic considerations. The essence of the idea is that superflow may exist in large disordered regions, and that the supersolid feature observed in torsional oscillator experiments corresponds to the point where these become globally phase coherent, even though the superflow \(within\) the domains is already present at higher temperatures. The experimental consequences of this are fleshed out and found to be consistent with the present state of experiments.


Critical Velocity Torsional Oscillator Circular Domain Superfluid Transition Dissipation Peak 
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