Coherent, Self-Coherent, and Differential Detection Systems

  • Xiang LiuEmail author
  • Moshe Nazarathy
Part of the Optical and Fiber Communications Reports book series (OFCR, volume 7)


In order to meet the ever-increasing demand in telecommunication capacity, fiberoptic communication systems have been evolving dramatically over the past decade [1, 2]. The fiberoptic communication traffic growth has been at a rate of about 2 dB per year, representing a traffic increase of a factor of 100 in 10 years [1, 2]. The capacity increase in fiberoptic communication systems has been achieved mainly by deploying more fiber links, populating more wavelength channels per fiber link through dense wavelength-division-multiplexing (DWDM), and increasing the data rate per wavelength channel. In addition to increased capacity, the cost per bit in terms of both capital and operational expenditure has been decreased to sustain the traffic growth. Increasing the data rate per wavelength channel is regarded as an effective way to provide both increased capacity and lowered cost per bit.


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X. Liu is deeply grateful to Dr. S. Chandrasekhar for close collaborations in recent years, generating many of the results reviewed in this chapter. He is also grateful to numerous current and past colleagues in Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent, for fruitful collaborations and valuable discussions. Among them are F. Buchali, C.R. Doerr, R. Essiambre, D.A. Fishman, D.M. Gill, A.H. Gnauck, I. Kang, Y.-H. Kao, N. Kaneda, S.K. Korotky, G. Kramer, A. Leven, C.J. McKinstrie, L.F. Mollenauer, A.J. van Wijngaarden, X. Wei, P.J. Winzer, C. Xie, and C. Xu. He also wishes to thank A.R. Chraplyvy, C.R. Giles, J.-P. Hamaide, and R.W. Tkach for their support.

M. Nazarathy would like to acknowledge: his former and current graduate students and his peers in the Technion EE Department, and in particular Prof. M. Orenstein; express deep gratitude to Profs. B. Fischer and G. Eisenstein who “enticed” Moshe to return to the academia, after having spent many years in the industry; national collaborators Prof. D. Sadot and Dr. D. Marom; US collaborators and in particular his co-author Xiang Liu, Prof. A.E. Willner and his past students Y.K. Lizé, and L. Christen and; EU collaborators: Prof. E. Forestieri and his group, and Prof. J. Prat and his group; his own family for their love and their infinite tolerance of imbalanced priorities.


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