Flexible Bat Handles



In recent years, batmanufacturers have been experimenting with flexible bat handles in an attempt to increase bat performance. Some manufacturers claim that better performance is obtained with flexible handles, while other manufacturers claim that stiff handles are better. For example, in 2007, Easton advertised a bat using its flexible handle ConneXion technology, while Louisville Slugger were simultaneously advertising their stiff handle technology. Easton claimed that: “Acting like a hinge, the ConneXion provides the most efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel, resulting in maximum bat head whip for a quicker bat and more power through the hitting zone.” Louisville Slugger claimed that: “The last thing you want at the moment of contact is for your bat handle to flex. When the handle flexes, the barrel can’t. That reduces your trampoline effect. A stiff handle produces more barrel flex, resulting in a maximum trampoline effect and, ultimately, greater performance.”


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