Galaxy Morphology Revealed By SDSS: Blue Elliptical Galaxies

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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) reveals many new features of galaxy morphologies. Among others, the discovery of blue elliptical galaxies provides some insights into the formation and evolution of galaxies. There seems to be two types of blue elliptical galaxies. One type shows globally blue colors suggesting star formations over the entire galaxy whereas the other type shows blue core that indicates enhanced star formation in the nuclear regions. The former seems to be currently forming galaxies, while the latter is thought to be in transition stage from the blue cloud to the red sequence due to AGN feedback.


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We thank to the KIAS to provide value-added catalog SDSS DR7 which includes redshifts of bright galaxies prepared by C. Park and Y.-Y Choi. This work was supported by KOSEF grant through ARCSEC.


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