Instability of Liquid Sheets

  • N. Ashgriz
  • X. Li
  • A. Sarchami


This chapter relates to the liquid sheets and their instability. Liquid sheet instability is due to the interaction between the liquid and its surrounding fluid. When the amplitude of a perturbation grows and reaches a critical value, sheet is disintegrated forming liquid ligaments. Here, the linear and nonlinear instability of an inviscid and viscous liquid sheet is discussed, showing the effect of the aerodynamic forces on the growth rate of the initially small perturbations. Other effects, such as the effect of initial velocity profile on the instability are also discussed.


Liquid sheet instability Nonlinear sheet instability Sinuous and dilational disturbances of a liquid sheet Thinning liquid sheet Three dimensional instability of liquid sheets Viscous sheets 


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  • X. Li
  • A. Sarchami
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