Drop Size Distributions

  • A. Déchelette
  • E. Babinsky
  • P. E. SojkaEmail author


Drop size distributions are at least as important as mean drop sizes. Some spray applications require narrow size distributions (paint and respirable sprays), while some need wide ones (gas turbine engines). Other spray processes require very few small drops (agricultural or consumer product sprays) or very few large ones (waste incineration, IC engines). In this section, we discuss the concepts of drop size distributions, moments of those distributions, and characteristic drop diameters computed from them. This is followed by a summary of methods available for describing drop size distributions.


Characteristic drop diameter Cumulative volume fraction Discrete probability function (DPF) Drop size distribution Empirical drop size distribution Log-hyperbolic distribution Log-normal distribution Maximum entropy formalism (MEF) Nukiyama–Tanasawa distribution Number distribution function Probability density function (pdf) Representative diameter Root-normal distribution Rosin–Rammler distribution Upper limit distribution Volume distribution 


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