Bending and Buckling Instabilities of Free Liquid Jets: Experiments and General Quasi-One-Dimensional Model

  • A. L. YarinEmail author


This chapter deals with liquid jets bending due to the aerodynamic interaction with surrounding air or buckling due to the impingement on a solid wall. The experimental evidence is considered and linear and nonlinear theories describing perturbation growth developed in the framework of the quasi-one-dimensional equations of the dynamics of liquid jets moving in air are discussed. Jets of viscous Newtonian or rheologically complex liquids (in particular, viscoelastic polymeric liquids) are considered. In addition, bending instability of the electrified liquid jets (in particular, polymeric liquid jets in electrospinning) is considered. In the latter case, both the experimental and theoretical aspects are tackled.


Bending instability of liquid jets Buckling of liquid jets Electrified liquid jets Electrospinning Elongational rheology Newtonian and rheologically complex liquids Quasi-one-dimensional equations of the dynamics of liquid jets Small and finite perturbations Viscoelastic polymeric liquids 


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