Identifying the Needs of the Group

  • Elaine Clanton Harpine


He was a first grader, home schooled and not accustomed to working with other students in a group setting. He was very eager to learn and always cooperative. His primary problem was insecurity. He kept wanting to leave and be with his mother or older sister. When he wasn’t feeling scared, his eagerness to work was very helpful because he attended a program in which most students displayed poor motivation and poor study skills. He was always eager to go to the next learning center and other students began to follow his example. The problem was to keep him busy so that he would not think about going home. With Camp Sharigan, he was fine because the pace was very fast, but he was also enrolled in the year-long Reading Orienteering Club program, which focuses more on remedial skills and uses a slower pace. This gave him more opportunities to think of mom. As the year progressed, he became more confident working in the group and did not always need reassurance that mom would return. While any group experience might have helped the little first grader learn to be more confident in a group setting, he showed others in the reading program not to give up so easily when challenged with a difficult task. He was an excellent role model. Some group members may give as much to the group as they receive.


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