CFD Analysis Applications in BWR Reactor System Design

  • Yuichiro Yoshimoto
  • Shiro Takahashi


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis has been used to evaluate phenomena related to the flow since the late twentieth century. Here, through some examples of its applications, the roles of CFD analysis in the actual design process are shown. The first example is an application to the design improvement for flow stabilization at a cross branch pipe in the recirculation loop of the jet pump-type BWR. The second example is an application to evaluations of the ABWR lower plenum flow characteristics and FIV stresses. The third example is an application to the development of a thicker reactor internal pump nozzle for seismic performance improvement. All of these applications were confirmed by tests before being applied to the design of actual reactor structures.


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This chapter used papers originally published by JSME and ASME. The authors express many thanks to JSME and ASME for their permission to reproduce some of the figures and tables included here.


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