Local Advocacy for the Health Care Professional

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Advocacy is about influencing decision-making. It is a skill that health professionals use every day with patients and colleagues. You pick an issue, marshal your facts, establish yourself as the expert, and then make your pitch. Whether you are persuading a patient to change their diet or your colleagues to improve patient care, you are being an advocate.


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    A few examples in Massachusetts: Health Care for All Massachusetts,, Commonhealth,, and, Running a Hospital, At the national level: National Physicians Alliance, and The Health Care Blog among many, many more.
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    Organizations generally fall into six categories: Professional societies, health policy advocacy groups, labor unions, faith-based organizations, social justice organizations, neighborhood associations. A few examples: Massachusetts Medical Society,, Mass Nurses Association,, Health Care for All,, The Alliance to Defend Health Care,, MassCare,, The Coalition for affordable Health Care,, The Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors, At the national level, Families USA,, The Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN),, Health Care for America NOW,
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    The Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Health Care. For our patients, not for profits: A call to action. JAMA 1997; 278:1733–1738.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
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    Upon ratification of this amendment and thereafter, it shall be the obligation and duty of the Legislature and executive officials, on behalf of the Commonwealth, to enact and implement such laws, subject to the approval of the voters at a statewide election, as will ensure that no Massachusetts resident lacks comprehensive, affordable and equitably financed health insurance coverage for all medically necessary preventive, acute and chronic health care and mental health care services, prescription drugs and devices.Google Scholar

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