Across Culture and Health Systems: Europe

  • Marie Luise BisgaardEmail author
Part of the M.D. Anderson Solid Tumor Oncology Series book series (MDA, volume 5)


The barriers to healthcare access and genetic counseling vary from ­country to country. In this chapter, an European perspective to this is given through the experience of a 35 year old male name Igor John.


Across Culture Health Systems Europe 30 – Genetic Counselling Across Culture Health Systems 



The following are thanked for their contribution, but in no way held responsible for the contents of this chapter: Judith Karner-Hanush (Austria), Claus Bisgaard (Denmark), Rhonwyn Bisgaard (Denmark), Dorthe Gylling Crüger (Denmark), Søren Laurberg (Denmark), Heikki Järvinen (Finland), Jukka-Pekka Mecklin (Finland), Fokko Nagengast (The Netherlands), Giovanni Battista Rossi (Italy), Ignacio Blanco (Spain), Margareta Nordling (Sweden) and Gareth Evans (United Kingdom).


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