Traffic Simulation with METANET

  • Markos PapageorgiouEmail author
  • Ioannis Papamichail
  • Albert Messmer
  • Yibing Wang
Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 145)


This chapter presents the macroscopic simulation tool METANET along with several options, variations, and extensions. METANET simulates complex traffic flow phenomena on motorway networks under all possible traffic conditions (free flow, critical, congested) including the possible presence of incidents. Modeling of the drivers’ routing behavior is enabled and a number or related options are offered to the user. The simulator is readily connected to potential control strategies for a variety of control measures including ramp metering, motorway-to-motorway control, driver information and route guidance, variable speed limits, mainline metering, and shoulder lane opening. Model validation procedures and selected application examples are presented. Extension of METANET includes online METANET (for real-time decision support), METANET-DTA (for exact dynamic traffic equilibrium), AMOC (for optimal control including any combination of control measures), and RENAISSANCE (for advanced real-time traffic surveillance).


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