International Traffic Database: Gathering Traffic Data Fast and Intuitive

  • Marc MiskaEmail author
  • Hiroshi Warita
  • Alexandre Torday
  • Masao Kuwahara
Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 144)


Gathering real life data, for whatever type of use, is a time consuming job. A lot of data is measured and stored in several places and different formats around the world. While a lot of it is not used, other institutions gather similar data on different locations or, worse, on the same ones. In this way, a lot of money and time is spent unnecessarily (Miska and Lint 2006). Thus, the aim of the International Traffic Database (ITDb) project is to provide traffic data to various groups (researchers, practitioners, public entities) in a format according to their particular needs, ranging from raw measurement data to statistical analysis.


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  • Hiroshi Warita
  • Alexandre Torday
  • Masao Kuwahara
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