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Dialogue involving two persons has for a long time been a popular topic of research. Dialogue systems involving two participants (the system and the user) have by now been _rmly established in everyday life, especially in the _eld of call centre applications. Multi-party dialogue, i.e. conversation between more than two participants, is on the other side a rather novel _eld in research. It started most likely with the reclassi_cation of the at that time conventional conversational roles of speaker and hearer (e.g. [Searle, 1969, Austin, 1962]). Clark and Carlson (1982) modi_ed Searle's speech act theory (1969) to enable multi-party interaction which was the start to multi-faceted research in multiparty dialogue and thus also opening the way for multi-party dialogue systems which have just started to emerge within the last few years.


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