Experiences and Requirements for Interoperability Between HTC and HPC-driven e-Science Infrastructure

  • Morris RiedelEmail author
  • Achim Streit
  • Daniel Mallmann
  • Felix Wolf
  • Thomas Lippert
Conference paper


Recently, more and more e-science projects require resources in more than one production e-science infrastructure, especially when using HTC and HPC concepts together in one scientific workflow. But the interoperability of these infrastructures is still not seamlessly provided today and we argue that this is due to the absence of a realistically implementable reference model in Grids. Therefore, the fundamental goal of this paper is to identify requirements that allows for the definition of the core building blocks of an interoperability reference model that represents a trimmed down version of OGSA in terms of functionality, is less complex, more fine-granular and thus easier to implement. The identified requirements are underpinned with gained experiences from world-wide interoperability efforts.


High Performance Computing Simple Object Access Protocol Open Grid Service Architecture High Throughput Computing Parallel File System 
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  • Morris Riedel
    • 1
    Email author
  • Achim Streit
    • 1
  • Daniel Mallmann
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  • Felix Wolf
    • 1
  • Thomas Lippert
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  1. 1.Morris Riedel, Co-Chair of Grid Interoperation Now (GIN) Group of the Open Grid Forum (OGF) Jü lich Supercomputing CentreForschungszentrum Jü lich GmbHJülichGermany

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