Toward a Holistic Approach to Government and Social Transformation

  • Nagy K. Hanna
Part of the Innovation, Technology, and Knowledge Management book series (ITKM)


This chapter proposes policies and programs to use e-government and e-society for public sector transformation and social inclusion that provide maximum impact only when integrated with other elements of e-development. A holistic approach to e-government and e-society develops the enabling policies and institutions that promote ICT adoption and diffusion. It raises public awareness and e-literacy at large, while investing in the specialized technical and leadership skills for a knowledge society. It also promotes local competencies and ICT services to support user-producer linkages and mutual learning for e-government and e-society. Additionally, it induces investment in extending and upgrading the information infrastructure for a competitive knowledge economy and an inclusive information society.


Knowledge Economy Information Society Information Infrastructure Chief Information Officer Human Resource Strategy 
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