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Accentuated Intraday Stock Price Volatility

  • Deniz Ozenbas
  • Michael S. Pagano
  • Robert A. Schwartz
Conference paper
Part of the Zicklin School of Business Financial Markets Series book series (CUNY)


For a simple reason, intra-day volatility is important not only to traders with very short holding periods, but to longer term investors as well: volatility in brief time intervals is a manifestation of the efficiency with which prices are set, and inefficient pricing can lead to unduly high execution costs for the short -run trader and the longer-run investor alike. While short period, intraday volatility has been observed to be high, the reason for its accentuation has not been adequately understood.


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  • Michael S. Pagano
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  • Robert A. Schwartz
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  2. 2.Villanova UniversityVillanovaUSA
  3. 3.Baruch College, CUNYNew YorkUSA

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