Distance Writing and Its Applications



The use of distance writing (DW) in health promotion, prevention, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation has come of age in many ways (Esterling, L’Abate, Murray, & Pennebaker, 1999; L’Abate, 2007a, 2007c, 2007d; Lepore & Smyth, 2002), including autobiographies (Demetrio & Borgonovi, 2007), journaling and diaries (Levine & Calvanio, 2006), expressive writing or the Pennebaker paradigm (Kacewicz, Slatcher, & Pennebaker, 2007), and self-help mental health practice exercises (L’Abate & Goldstein, 2007). Writing has become even more important with the increasing use of the Internet (Pulier, Mount, McMenamin, & Maheu, 2007) and homework assignments in psychotherapy (Kazantzis, Deane, Ronan, & L’Abate, 2005; Kazantzis & L’Abate, 2007).

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