Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields in the Plasmasphere: A Perspective from CLUSTER and IMAGE

  • Hiroshi Matsui
  • John C. Foster
  • Donald L. Carpenter
  • Iannis Dandouras
  • Fabien Darrouzet
  • Johan De Keyser
  • Dennis L. Gallagher
  • Jerry Goldstein
  • Pamela A. Puhl-Quinn
  • Claire Vallat


The electric field and magnetic field are basic quantities in the plasmasphere measured since the 1960s. In this review, we first recall conventional wisdom and remaining problems from ground-based whistler measurements. Then we show scientific results from Cluster and Image, which are specifically made possible by newly introduced features on these spacecraft, as follows. 1. In situ electric field measurements using artificial electron beams are successfully used to identify electric fields originating from various sources. 2. Global electric fields are derived from sequences of plasmaspheric images, revealing how the inner magnetospheric electric field responds to the southward interplanetary magnetic fields and storms/substorms. 3. Understanding of sub-auroral polarization stream (SAPS) or sub-auroral ion drifts (SAID) are advanced through analysis of a combination of magnetospheric and ionospheric measurements from Cluster, Image, and DMSP. 4. Data from multiple spacecraft have been used to estimate magnetic gradients for the first time.


Plasmasphere Electric Field Magnetic Field CLUSTER IMAGE 


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