Imaging of Nonaccidental Head Injury

  • Yutaka Sato
  • Toshio Moritani

Key Points

■ Head injury is the most common cause of death from nonaccidental trauma, and the majority of NAHI occurs in infants under age 1 year; its clinical presentation is nonspecific (moderate evidence).

■ NAHI is suspected when the magnitude of the injury demonstrated clinically or on neuroimaging is discrepant with the history provided (moderate evidence).

■ Subdural hematoma is the most commonly associated pathology with NAHI (moderate evidence).

■ None of the intracranial pathology is specific or pathognomonic for NAHI.

■ Temporal evolution of subdural hematoma associated with NAHI is dynamic and complex. For the best estimation of injury timing, comparison of CT and MRI and correlation with follow-up studies are often needed.

■ CT is the standard of care for the initial evaluation of NAHI. CT readily demonstrates intracranial pathology requiring immediate treatment (moderate evidence).

■ MRI should be performed once the patient is stabilized. Overall, MRI is more sensitive than CT for diagnosis, documentation, characterization, and prognostication of intracranial pathology associated with NAHI (limited evidence).


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