Surgery for Mediastinal Disease in the Elderly



Mediastinal masses present throughout the decades of life but certainly occur with relative frequency in the older population. Furthermore, with the increasing ­frequency of obtaining pulmonary embolism chest CT scans, there are more incidentally discovered mediastinal abnormalities that require investigation. Relatively common ­conditions encountered include substernal and intrathoracic goiters, anterior mediastinal masses suspicious for lymphoma, mediastinal lymphadenopathy, thymomas, and ­posterior mediastinal neurogenic tumors. Mediastinal cysts-pericardial, bronchogenic, and esophageal duplication are all uncommon in the elderly, rarely require any treatment in the elderly population and so will not be discussed.


Substernal goiter Anterior mediastinal mass Lymphoma Thymoma Posterior mediastinal neurogenic tumor 


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