Lunar Eclipses: 2011–2020

Part of the Astronomer’s Pocket Field Guide book series (ASTROPOC)


A concise summary of all lunar eclipses from 2011 through 2020 is presented in the following table. The Eclipse Type (Penumbral, Partial, or Total) is given followed by the number of the Saros series. Eclipses belonging to a given Saros series recur every 18 years 11 days. The Umbral Magnitude 1 (fourth column) gives the fraction of the Moon’s diameter immersed in Earth’s umbral shadow at the instant of greatest eclipse. The Eclipse Duration 2 gives the length of the partial eclipse. If the eclipse is total, then the duration of the total phase is also listed in bold. Finally, the Geographic Region of Eclipse Visibility 3 provides a brief description of the region where each eclipse will be seen.

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