Zones of No Activation

  • Vadrevu Sree Hari RaoEmail author
  • Ponnada Raja Sekhara Rao


Excess consumption of nutrient may lead to abnormalities in the growth of biotic species. Further, excess consumption of nutrient should be controlled in order to utilize the resources properly, especially, when the resources are not abundantly available (limited nutrient). When the populations are at equilibrium or once they are completely fed, they show no tendency to consume food any more at least for a while. Based on these observations, we introduce in this chapter a new notion called a “zone of no activation” for the consumer species. That means near the equilibrium the microorganisms do not consume nutrient any more and the same consumption level is maintained near the equilibrium for a while. Such a nonconsumption state is called a zone of no activation. This is to be understood in the context that the nutrient uptake is, in general, assumed to be a monotonically increasing function.


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