Synthetic Aperture Radar



We describe the design and implementation of a novel SIMD data-parallel algorithm for real time SAR quick-look image generation using the Cell Broadband Engine as found in the consumer Playstation 3 gaming console. Our implementation of this chain on the CELL system processes 1 frame of image data, reading a 1024x3072 pixel of (simulated) RAW transmission data to produce 16-bit image data in 1.2 seconds. We present the following (a) describe fundamental principal behind Synthetic Aperture Radar, (b) signal processing functions required to solve image formation for SAR, (c) how to map these signal processing functions on the SPU, (d) data structure, communication and load balancing, (e) implementing image processing filters on SPU.


Synthetic Aperture Radar Chirp Signal Range Processing Range Cell Migration Cell Broadband Engine 
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