Team Building

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As you kick off a project, you start with a collection of people who are only loosely connected through the objectives of the project. Your goal then is to forge a cohesive team from this collection of people as quickly as possible. Sadly, many PMs never develop that cohesive team because they aren’t paying attention to the team dynamics, nor are they taking deliberate actions to define just what that dynamic will be. This chapter considers just what role the team dynamic plays in the overall success of your project. As a PM you most likely do not have direct authority over your teammates, so you need to understand how to motivate your team. How you motivate a team of drivers is very different than the techniques you would employ on a low priority project. How would you like your teammates to interact for the best results? As the team leader you need to foster an environment that’s relaxed and open. How do you go about that? Well, stay tuned and I’ll tell you!


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